Meet the Team

The GENUS 94 Team is a composition of great individuals who have distinguished themselves in various aspects of human endeavor. Their desire to further impact knowledge and wealth of experience on the human society gave birth to the project 'GENUS 94'.


Moses Gali

Group Admin

Moses Gali is gentleman with great enterprise in finance and business management. He is a personality with proven integrity and unquestioned financial propriety. The desire to transmit his business management savvy to others inspired him to assemble friends from various works of life to establish the project 'Genus 94'.


Bilikisu Ali

Group Admin

Bilikis Ali is a formidable woman with tremendous experience in national orientation and management of people. She has proven integrity and honor. Her leadership prowess and tactful coordination of activities were instrumental in bringing together men and women with different religious beliefs, ethnic backgrounds and affiliations to set up the project 'Genus 94'.

Our Mission 5

To transform the global community through leadership reorientation, engagement in lucrative business ventures,progressive innovations and human capital development.

our vision 5

To become a beacon committed to improving humanity through ideas and activities geared towards socio-economic security and harmonization of diverse values.

our core values 5

  •            Hard work;
  •        Integrity;
  •        Resolute;
  •           Resilience;
  •           Corporate Governance;
  •  Tolerance for diverse religious and socio-ethnic values